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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Poll Watch

A brief edition of the Sunday Poll Watch begins:

The coaches weigh in for the USA Today poll, putting Missouri one spot behind Texas at No. 17. Points of interest:

-- After upsets of Oklahoma and Texas, neither Colorado nor Kansas State are viewly highly enough to by coaches to crack the Top 25, much less the Top 30.
-- The potential clash of Top 7 teams in the Red River Shootout has been relegated to a clash of No. 10 Oklahoma and No. 16 Texas.
-- Cal now gets the nod for third-best team in the country.
-- Boston College, Kentucky, and South Florida all crack the top 10. Just like everyone predicted, right?
-- Nebraska drops one spot to No. 23.
-- Don't look now, but Illinois is starting to get some votes and some respect.

The Associated Press Top 25 poll and the USA Today Coaches Poll once again completely agree regarding Mizzou, with the AP also putting the Tigers at No. 17. Point of interest:

-- The above notes regarding Cal, BC, Kentucky, and South Florida all stand.
-- Texas freefalls to No. 19.
-- Missouri sits one spot behind Hawaii. Can you imagine the final score of a Missouri-Hawaii game?
-- The Big 12 North takes the final two spots in the poll, placing Kansas State at No. 24 and Nebraska at No. 25.
-- Interesting discrepancy in votes for Kansas between the writers and the coaches.
-- LSU overtakes USC for the top spot by only one first-place vote and a total of two points.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Poll Watch

The Sunday Poll Watch is on. Stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, enjoy the Saturday Scenery:

Photo courtesy Sarah Becking

12:20 p.m.: USA Today Coaches Poll is released, with Mizzou jumping five spots to No. 20. Other notes:
-- Big 12 takes a hit, dropping Texas A&M out of the Top 25. ETS' "overrated" call last week is looking a tad better at this point. Texas Tech also falls off the radar screen.
-- Nebraska remains steady at No. 22 despite Ball State pushing Husker Nation into a Big Red Panic not seen since McCarthyism.
-- ETS also takes full credit for selling Louisville and South Carolina high, although it's hard to fault SC for losing to LSU. Louisville's loss to Syracuse is an entirely different story.
-- "Big Ten Missouri Light" Purdue (copyright ETS) debuts at No. 25 in a tie with Arizona State.
-- Only three one-loss teams remain ahead of Missouri: No. 14 Virginia Tech, No. 16 Georgia, and No. 19 Penn State.

1:01 p.m.: For the second straight week, the Associated Press agrees with the coaches, or vice versa, moving Mizzou up to No. 20. Other notes:
-- Again, Texas A&M drops out of the Top 25 and Texas Tech falls off the radar. Oklahoma hops Florida for No. 3.
-- Nebraska drops one spot to No. 25. Mizzou ranks ahead of Nebraska in both polls.
-- Kansas continues to hover around the Top 30 in both polls. KSU-KU ought to be an interesting test for both teams.

Entering this week, the questions are: What happens to Nebraska against Iowa State? Does Mizzou move up or down following the bye week? Is KU for real?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Poll Watch

The poll watch begins...

-- 10:41 am: Mizzou may have a leg up in the online BlogPoll, where Missouri entered the weekend at No. 25. The Sunday Morning Quarterback didn't have many great things to say about the Tigers before Western Michigan:

"Missouri just makes me pause. The Tigers have beaten two BCS conference teams, but it was Illinois and Ole Miss, two of the worst, most mid-major-like of the available options. And Mizzou's defense has struggled dramatically to stop attacks that were striving to improve to mediocrity - 484.5 allowed per game to Ole Miss and Illinois. Eh. Win is a win is a win, and everyone below Missouri has either lost or feasted on the even sicker and weaker, but the Tigers are in with a bullet for now."

I'll keep an eye out for thoughts on Mizzou in the upcoming blog poll, and of course, the AP Top 25 and USA Today Coaches Poll.

-- 11:41 am: According to the USA Today, the coaches say Mizzou is worthy. Among the free falling are ex-No. 11 UCLA, ex-No.15 Georgia Tech, ex-No. 16 Arkansas and ex-No. 24 Tennessee.

Other notes from the USA Today poll:
- USC retakes a commanding lead at the top, securing 44 first place votes to LSU's 8 and Florida's 7.
- Texas retains No. 6 spot despite barely escaping UCF on the road.
- Three Big 10 teams in top 10: No. 7 Wisconsin, No. 9 Ohio State and No. 10 Penn State
- Big 12 has five teams in Top 25. Nebraska drops to No. 22, and Texas Tech is still on outside looking in.
- Some teams that are starting to get some well-deserved love: No. 12 Boston College, No. 13 Oregon, No. 14 Clemson
- Sell these teams high: No. 6 Texas, No. 14 South Carolina, No. 16 Texas A&M, No. 17 Virginia Tech, No. 18 Hawaii, No. 19 Louisville
- Missouri still sits behind the last two flavors of the week: No. 24 South Florida and No. 23 Kentucky

-- 12:29 pm: The Associated Press feels the love, placing Mizzou at No. 25 in its poll as well.

A couple interesting notes:
- If nothing changes, the Big 12 North showdown will feature No. 24 Nebraska and No. 25 Missouri. I wonder if the writers will find the teams this even in October or if the Big Red Bias takes over once again.
' - Texas and Oklahoma both drop one spot, Texas because of its own issues and Oklahoma because of the strong showing by Florida yesterday.
- Again, I feel the love for No. 13 Oregon, No. 14 Boston College, No. 15 Clemson.
- Again, not feeling it for No. 12 South Carolina, No. 17 Virginia Tech, No. 18 Louisville, No. 19 Hawaii, and No. 20 Texas A&M. SC, VT, Louisville and aTm deserve rankings, but lower than where they currently sit. I still don't buy the Hawaii hype.
- Also think the AP may have jumped the gun a litle on putting Alabama at No. 16.
- I'm interested to see how the AP treats No. 21 Kentucky and No. 23 South Florida when those teams lose their first game.
- Mizzou beat out Arkansas and Georgia Tech for the No. 25 spot.

Now, up next for Mizzou to really make an impression on voters? That vaunted Illinois State football program makes its way to Columbia...