Saturday, July 28, 2007

ETS Top 25 - No. 25-21

No need for too much explanation - here's how ETS sees No. 25-20 heading into this season with a little help from our friends at YouTube (although I'm currently unable to embed videos. But trust me, the extra clicks are worthwhile).

No. 25 - Texas A&M

Texas A&M has top 15-esque talent and the best rushing offense this side of West Virginia. As much as I want to put the pride of Aggieland higher, Big 12 fans know that the Aggies' schedule is somewhere between brutal and root canal. The 12th Man (don't sue me) can enjoy Montana State, Fresno State and Louisana-Monroe, because road tests at Miami, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas Tech, in addition to tough games against Oklahoma State and Texas at home, may do the Aggies in.

But when it comes to atmosphere, Texas A&M does college football right. Props to the Ags for their "There's a Spirit" video, followed by the Aggies marching into the stadium behind a drum cadence. Pure beauty. Tiger fans - close your eyes at 3:13 in the clip and pretend it never happened.

No. 24 - Rutgers

Me in 2005 would want to stab me in 2007 for even implying Rutgers should sniff the top 25. Simply put though? Trust in Ray.

No. 23 - Clemson

I bit completely on the Clemson bandwagon last year, only to watch them choke against Maryland and Boston College - both worthy opponents, but both very beatable. C.J. Spiller and James Davis will wear out defenses, but if things go poorly for new QB Cullen Harper, expect for fans to call for the Willy Korn era to begin early.

Clemson also earns points for its entrance through the fans after touching Howard's Rock. The most exciting 25 seconds in college football? I don't think so. Pretty damn cool? Absolutely.

No. 22 - Oregon State

Following Oregon State's win/Mizzou's collapse at the Sun Bowl last year, ranking the Beavers may either be a kick in the groin to Tiger fans or vindication that it took a great performance by a good football team to beat Mizzou. Matt Moore is gone from Corvallis, but Yvenson Bernard remains behind a stout offensive line.

And let us not forget, Oregon State was responsible for one of the bigger upsets of the regular season in 2006.

No. 21 - Boise State

You may not have heard, but Boise State had an exciting bowl game last year. I can't recall whether or not highlights were shown on ESPN.

Ian Johnson, last seen having a wedding proposal ruined by Chris Myers, is back in Boise and gives them favored status in the WAC. Whether or not the team is BCS-bound likely hinges on the final game of the season, a road test against high-flying Hawaii in a battle of likely-undefeated.

Oh, and I managed to dig up some footage from the bowl game. I really wish the media had covered it better.


Greg Tepper said...

Low ranking for Boise State. Right now, I've got them around 15-16. They could legitimately go undefeated again.

RT said...

very fair statement. i had a hard time leaving hawaii off the list entirely for the same reasons.

it begs the age old question though - is 13-0/12-1 as a WAC team better than 10-3/9-4 in a power conference?

AJ said...

Love the blog. I linked you on mine. Keep up the great job.

Rip em up...