Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ole Miss Live Blog - Second Half

What's going on: I'm glued to the radio like a Brooklyn Dodgers fan circa early 1900s, so I'm going to do my best to do some live blogging without any visual element here whatsoever... Feel free to drop in, refresh constantly, and interact via comments at the bottom. All times below are Central Daylight Time. The first half live blog can be found one post below.

-- 6:57: And we're back... Maclin takes return to MU 29-yard line.

-- 6:59: Touchdown to Greg Bracey. Once again, Daniel finds a receiver who burned Terrell Jackson. Chase now has five touchdowns - and this isn't Murray State.

UPSET DENIED: Fresno State failed to convert on a 2-point conversion in overtime; Aggies win 47-45. Does Texas A&M's showing against Fresno cost them votes? Does that open the door for Missouri, looking that much more impressive up 4 TDs on the road in the SEC?

-- 7:04: Well that was quick. Hardy Ricks gets beat for a 68-yard TD pass.

-- 7:05: Poor snap on the extra point costs Ole Miss the PAT. MU 35, Ole Miss 13.

-- 7:08: ESPN GameCast is beginning to get behind. I'm not liking this.

-- 7:10: Mizzou tries Coffman on the bubble screen WR pass. Personally, I'm not sure I like the call.

-- 7:13: Ole Miss finally able to pressure Daniel, forcing him into intentional grounding penalty. Mizzou stil in the red zone.

-- 7:15: Wolfert tacks on three points. Mizzou leads 38-13 with nine and a half minutes remaining in the quarter.

-- 7:21: My browser shuts down and I lose my radio connection. Upon my return, Ole Miss is in the redzone.

-- 7:24: Face-guarding pass interference penalty on Darnell Terrell gives Ole Miss another set of downs to work with.

-- 7:26: Little to no pressure on Seth Adams (according to radio), leading to Shay Hardy's second TD reception of the day. Hardy makes catch over true freshman Carl Gettis. Two-point conversion attempt is broken up by Darnell Terrell, MU leads 38-19.

-- 7:30: Ole Miss squib kicks. Are they avoiding Maclin?

-- 7:31: Coffman out route gets MU a first down. Temple follows with an 11-yard run to put him over 100 yards. I am elated at this news, now realizing my immense love-hate relationship with Tony Temple.

-- 7:34: Wolfert from 43, no good. Suddenly Wolfert doesn't seem as infallible as he did last year.

-- 7:36: I can't find a gametracker that is actually caught up. The MU defense is being carved up. I'm prepared to stab something.

-- 7:37: Green-Ellis is down to the Mizzou 2 as the third quarter ends. Points by Ole Miss here could make the final 15 minutes extremely interesting. MU leads 38-19 headed to the fourth quarter.

-- 7:40: ESPN's RealTime scoreboard says Ole Miss has scored. My radio is still behind/in commercial. This can't be good...

-- 7:41: My impeccable intuition/common sense was right: Green-Ellis rushes for a touchdown and now has 185 yards on the ground. The two-point conversion is incomplete, and Mizzou leads by 13. That sound you hear is the Mizzou run defense imploding.

-- 7:43: This next drive is HUGE. The Tigers must get points here to swing momentum back towards Mizzou, even if it's only three from Wolfert.

-- 7:45: Chase Daniel rushes to Ole Miss 48 for a first down. Marcus Tillman, ETS' trendy pick for Ole Miss Unsung Hero, lost containment.

-- 7:48: I scan the tube for other games. I notice that FSN Midwest elects to show the Cardinals rather than TCU-Texas. As both a Texan and a diehard college football fan, this pisses me off.

-- 7:49: Rucker run stops short of first down. Mizzou can't pick up first on 3rd-and-1. Crossett on to punt.

-- 7:51: Coffman downs the ball at the Ole Miss 9. Ole Miss has the ball and the momentum. I have a major anxiety attack.

-- 7:53: Kelly reports that Ole Miss and Missouri have combined for 978 yards of offense thus far. Somewhere, defensive enthusiasts are bawling.

-- 7:57: Double blow for MU: Shay Hodge reception gives Ole Miss a first down -AND- Pig Brown is shaken up on the play.

-- 7:58: Del Howard in to replace Pig Brown. To my knowledge, Howard has never won Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week. I miss Pig already.

-- 8:00: Green-Ellis breaks tackles to move the ball down inside the Mizzou 40. He now has 200-plus yards with that run.

-- 8:02: Ole Miss threatening at the Mizzou 25.

-- 8:03: Adams in shotgun on 3rd-and-6, throws bubble screen and Hardy Ricks snuffs out the play.

-- 8:04: Ole Miss goes for it on 4th down, and Adams throws incomplete. Pig Brown returns, and delivers "a lick" (according to Mike Kelly) to Shay Hodge. It's official. ETS has a man crush on Pig Brown. Mizzou takes over after a stalled 66-yard drive.

-- 8:06: Pistol formation iso play to Temple for a few yards. Brings up third down.

-- 8:07: Rucker in at QB, runs left and is stuffed. Offensive line blown up "by huge surge." Kelly calls it "a collapse." Crossett punt upcoming.

-- 8:09: TigerBoard is lighting up. Pinkel is being called out for being conservative and typical MU second half anxiety is running high.

-- 8:10: I'm told Mizzou Arena is proud to host Elton John. I'm too exasperated with this game to make a smartass or witty remark.

-- 8:14: MU gets the ball back after an Ole Miss three-and-out. I have little else to add, as I was on the phone updating a friend on the game at this point.

-- 8:15: Crowd begins to head for exits with 1:38 remaining in game. Mizzou punt upcoming after yet another three-and-out following a playaction draw by Daniel.

-- 8:17: Kelly: "You didn't expect it to be easy, but it is disconcerting the way Missouri lets teams back into things."

-- 8:19: Ole Miss driving. The game is no longer in doubt, but somewhere a gambling addict is pulling for Ole Miss to throw into the end zone and pull within 5-6 to cover the spread.

-- 8:20: Kelly says MU is now 17-7-1 against the SEC all-time. No comment from Les Miles yet about the SEC's supremacy.

-- 8:21: Justin Garrett intercepts a Seth Adams pass to put Mizzou in the win column. The Tigers will return home next week for the home opener against Western Michigan.

-- 8:22: I look over and see Virginia Tech and LSU are just about to kick off. I love college football Saturdays. I proclaim this out loud to no one in particular.

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