Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pinkel goes "FTP" on the MUPD

Just found this gem from Graham Watson's excellent Tiger Tracker blog for the STL P-D:

"There was little doubt that Pinkel was frustrated by his team’s performance. He even took some of that frustration out on a campus policeman who was ticketing cars, notably player’s cars, outside of the Missouri facility.

While there were no media outside to hear what Pinkel was saying to the officer, who ended up requesting backup (yeah, that’s no joke), players who were outside said Pinkel questioned whether the officer had anything better to do on Labor Day.

It was more humorous than anything. Even Pinkel got a decent laugh about it. The only one who didn’t think it was so funny was quarterback Chase Daniel, whose red truck was one of the first to get tagged.

The cop, to his credit, showed no mercy with his ticketing, even with the head football coach and starting quarterback talking to him from the curb.

Saturday’s win, similar to the incident with the policemen, was a humbling experience. It gave the Tigers an idea of where they need to be and what they need to do to be one of the top teams in the Big 12."

I find it highly amusing that the police called for backup when Pinkel went off. What I'd find even funnier is if the policeman used "the chart" to determine whether or not to give tickets. Hell, "the chart" is infallible for 2-point conversion calls, right?


Anonymous said...

Love the blog. I've started a new blog dedicated to Mizzou as well.


Go Tigers!

Anonymous said...

Think you could do something more creative than post digs at your team's coach and play in your effort to promote yourself?

I know, it's a lot to ask, but it would be great if you could show more talent than the typical J-school loser who spends all their time trying to whip bad news out of nothing rather than being creative and insightful. You could also stand out from your fellow J-school grads (like that sapsucker how wrote the flimsy SI hit piece about Sean Coffey) and not lazily tear down your school.

I know - a lot to ask.

RT said...

Could you be more than the typical Missouri fan who talks shit on message boards?

For the most part, I try to foster discussion. I'm quickly finding most fans don't really care about any opinions other than their own. This post was different mainly just because I found it amusing.


Have the balls to at least attach your name to your post. Then you will be taken seriously