Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Poll Watch

The Sunday Poll Watch is on. Stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, enjoy the Saturday Scenery:

Photo courtesy Sarah Becking

12:20 p.m.: USA Today Coaches Poll is released, with Mizzou jumping five spots to No. 20. Other notes:
-- Big 12 takes a hit, dropping Texas A&M out of the Top 25. ETS' "overrated" call last week is looking a tad better at this point. Texas Tech also falls off the radar screen.
-- Nebraska remains steady at No. 22 despite Ball State pushing Husker Nation into a Big Red Panic not seen since McCarthyism.
-- ETS also takes full credit for selling Louisville and South Carolina high, although it's hard to fault SC for losing to LSU. Louisville's loss to Syracuse is an entirely different story.
-- "Big Ten Missouri Light" Purdue (copyright ETS) debuts at No. 25 in a tie with Arizona State.
-- Only three one-loss teams remain ahead of Missouri: No. 14 Virginia Tech, No. 16 Georgia, and No. 19 Penn State.

1:01 p.m.: For the second straight week, the Associated Press agrees with the coaches, or vice versa, moving Mizzou up to No. 20. Other notes:
-- Again, Texas A&M drops out of the Top 25 and Texas Tech falls off the radar. Oklahoma hops Florida for No. 3.
-- Nebraska drops one spot to No. 25. Mizzou ranks ahead of Nebraska in both polls.
-- Kansas continues to hover around the Top 30 in both polls. KSU-KU ought to be an interesting test for both teams.

Entering this week, the questions are: What happens to Nebraska against Iowa State? Does Mizzou move up or down following the bye week? Is KU for real?


Anonymous said...

I have tickets to Iowa State/Nebraska. Should be like watching two retards fight.

Jeff said...

Maclin is awesome. He adds a dimension to the team that they have sorely lacked; a dangerous return man. Now throw in rushing and receiving and this kid is gonna get some national pub. If he has a good game against Nebraska then the talking heads on espn are really gonna hype him up the before the Mizzou/Oklahoma game. Do you remember all the love they would give Devin Hester before Miami and Florida St games?