Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Poll Watch

A brief edition of the Sunday Poll Watch begins:

The coaches weigh in for the USA Today poll, putting Missouri one spot behind Texas at No. 17. Points of interest:

-- After upsets of Oklahoma and Texas, neither Colorado nor Kansas State are viewly highly enough to by coaches to crack the Top 25, much less the Top 30.
-- The potential clash of Top 7 teams in the Red River Shootout has been relegated to a clash of No. 10 Oklahoma and No. 16 Texas.
-- Cal now gets the nod for third-best team in the country.
-- Boston College, Kentucky, and South Florida all crack the top 10. Just like everyone predicted, right?
-- Nebraska drops one spot to No. 23.
-- Don't look now, but Illinois is starting to get some votes and some respect.

The Associated Press Top 25 poll and the USA Today Coaches Poll once again completely agree regarding Mizzou, with the AP also putting the Tigers at No. 17. Point of interest:

-- The above notes regarding Cal, BC, Kentucky, and South Florida all stand.
-- Texas freefalls to No. 19.
-- Missouri sits one spot behind Hawaii. Can you imagine the final score of a Missouri-Hawaii game?
-- The Big 12 North takes the final two spots in the poll, placing Kansas State at No. 24 and Nebraska at No. 25.
-- Interesting discrepancy in votes for Kansas between the writers and the coaches.
-- LSU overtakes USC for the top spot by only one first-place vote and a total of two points.

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